Glowbar | Face Your Skin in 30 Minutes

Face your skin.

With 30-minute premium treatments by expert estheticians who get your skin, say goodbye to guesswork.

Why Glowbar?

We all have skincare concerns: it's not always 'simple'. Glowbar makes it easy with 30-minute expert sessions targeting your top skincare concerns.

Don't wish for great skin, get it.

We Are
Targeted treatments not spa facials
30 minutes not over an hour
One flat price no add-ons
Real results not quick fixes
Skincare guides not false promises

For skin that looks professional: see a professional

How it Works How it Works


You wash your face yourself, so that we can get down to business in the treatment room


Our experts provide 30-minute, high impact treatments for your skin


Before you go: You get the 411 on your skin so you can keep glowing

Skincare at face value.

No surprise add-ons, no complicated pricing: one-time Glowbar visits are $65, monthly memberships are $55. Learn More

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